Trying to get ready for Halloween! Thanks :)
I am looking for any kind or amounts of yarn or fabric. Can pick up, thank you.
In need of a folding table and/or chairs.
Need Internet WIFI Router/Modem
Hello, I am adopting a six-month adorable kitty and I was wondering if you have any kitty/cat supplies to help donate to a new owner? I am pretty much starting from scratch and can drive for pick up. Thanks a bunch in advance.
Moving at the end of the month and could use a couch (preferably a sleeper couch but beggars can't be choosers). Wouldn't be able to pick up until the end of month/beginning of next month. Let me know if you have a couch you want to get rid of. Also willing to take any blender, toaster or toaster oven off your hands as well. Thanks.
I m looking for 2 Window AC units. Doesn t have to be fancy, just functional. Thanks!
Hello, anyone have one to spare? Thank you.
Need to be able to fit up a stairwell. Will arrange transportation.
I am trying to find a regular size sofa for a friend with a brain injury. He lives at Sharon Housing.
We need a small china cabinet and are able to pick up any time.
Hello!! My daughter has volunteered to teach ice skating to kids with special needs for the city. Anybody getting rid of a pair of skates, size 6.5 - 7? Any condition/shape/style is fine. It would be really appreciated!! Thank you all!
Would anyone have a turkey baster they know they will not be using? I would gladly pick it up. Thanks.
Just wondering if anyone has a sewing machine that works. Something you are not in need of anymore. Would be willing to throw a couple bucks into it as well. Thanks.
Hello! I'm looking for a bunk bed for my 5 year old. Doesn't have to be fancy, structurally sound and reasonably attractive will do. Trundle style, or full sized bottom or futon couch bottome are all fine too. Thanks so much! N
Hi, I am Looking for Plastic Milk Crates in decent condition if anyone happens to have a number of them lying around.Let me know how many you have
Hi, does anyone have any 5/8" or 3/4" Plywood sheets that they don't need? Full sheets or Half Sheets
Looking for woodchips for a nonprofit, small, urban farm. They are used to get beds ready for winter. Great cause!
Just moved into a new apartment and it really needs some greenery! Would love pretty much any and all types of houseplants to brighten up the space. Thank you!
I am looking for a fully functional room heater - the kind with a thermostat, sealed oil, etc. to be able to warm up individual rooms and keep the heat down in the rest of the apt. Thanks!
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